11 thoughts on “WHY DID WE MOVE??? (Arizona Q&A, Pros+Cons)

  • I'm in the bay area in cali and now are really considering moving to Arizona by my husbands dad. but the move process is a head ache and trying to find a nice area. Phoenix? mesa?

  • Beware! The hot sun and low humidity can make you very sick very fast in the summer in the low-altitude areas. The public schools are awful.

  • I grew up in So. CA since 1959, and in 1971 Moved to Tucson AZ, lived there for 7 years, then moved back to So CA, I like AZ very much it is very spacious and acres of Saguaro Cactus in 360o, sunsets are wonderful, and the monsoon storms of the summer with lightning, No earthquakes while living there but there has been a rare earthquake, from what I understand.
    If you need to sty hydrated, then stick to ((pedialytes)), that will keep you hydrated and keep your electrolytes up.
    There are lots of places to visit in AZ from Grand Canyon to Tombstone, ((Just don't enter the washes)) during a rain storm, you will get washed off the road and down the creek. I went to Tucson for a H.S. reunion and my body couldn't take the sudden heat change from 70o to 110o in 8 hours of driving, , so thank god for A/C at the hotel, I stayed in bed til the next day and I still didn't want to go out, But I needed to to get breakfast, luckily I had a oriental folding fan with me, I used it to cool me off quicker when I was in a A/C room, The winter can be brisk and ((some winters you will get snow)). They also have Palm Trees like they do in SO. CA I even have Kokopelli Windchimes & statues in my living room to remind me of how much I enjoyed AZ, during 1971-1978.

  • our drivers are second only to California. I'm serious it's bad, so many accidents. it's cuz we're spoiled our roads are AMAZING and always being redone or expanded. everything is in a grid system but people still get lost which boggles my mind. also a tip for driving in arizona, whatever it is you are doing, do it WITH PURPOSE. merge with purpose, change lanes with purpose, speed on the freeway with purpose. slow or timid drivers get chewed up in minutes out here.

  • I lived in Tucson from 1990 to 1996,I lived. On the streets when I first moved there.my favorite Place in AZ is Prescott Az.I. Worked. At ild tucson Studios,the i drove truck for Echo trucking and delivered. To the copper mines.
    I miss. Tucson.

  • the hub ice.cream shop in downtown tucson or the rialto theater or just downtown tucson is cool check.out when u can check out dillinger days at hotel Congress

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