Welcome To Phoenix, now don’t DIE! Hot weather operator.

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1 thought on “Welcome To Phoenix, now don’t DIE! Hot weather operator.

  • Some good advice but here is how you REALLY do it. Do a hike in 90 degrees one week, do another hike in 100 degrees the next or 2 weeks later. DO NOT attempt your grand 110 degree hike without preparatory hikes. 4 hikes would really do it. Drink a half gallon of water the night before. Eat a banana or two before you go to sleep. Freeze up 2-1 quart canteens half full, then fill them with water before you head out. stuff your 2 liter, or even better 100 OZ camelback with ice cubes. Dump 1/2 TEASPOON of Mortons lite salt (potassium chloride) into the camelback and a little bit in each half frozen canteen. WRAP THE CAMELBACK BLADDER IN MYLAR SPACE BLANKET. Drink at least a quart of (cool off body) water just prior to the hike/death march. Drop the magnesium, potassium and calcium pills prior to the hike/death march. Get your ammo filled chest rig and armor filled plate carrier on over your multi cam DCUs (including face wrap and gloves), put on your kevlar, grab your rifle and follow me. With 5 liters of water, preparatory hikes/workouts, total electrolyte supply and prior hydration/water slamming a fit person should be able to make a 6-8 mile hike/death march over nasty desert desert fuckery in 110 degree heat. I have done it many times before. gobble some electrolyte pills at about the halfway point or as needed. You will know you are doing this correctly when a 105 degree breeze feels cool. I will be attempting a 10 mile hike/death march with the addition of a half frozen 2 liter collapsable canteen mounted/wedged on the front of my chest rig. Should keep my heart cool. 7 liters of water, 200 rounds of .308, 10 lbs of armor and a 9 lb rifle cant be all bad, right? Freeze up a gallon of water the night before and have it waiting for you in a cooler on your return.

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