10 thoughts on “Travel Desert Hiking Tips – Things to do in Arizona for Travelers

  • Watching your happy dog was the best part! Noticed you posted this video in January. Was it that hot in January already?

  • Terrific video and recommendations for hiking in the desert! I think the thing that would worry me most is encountering snakes. A few years ago I was working at White Sands Missile Range for a few months and I was going to do some hiking. The local folks warned just to be careful of the rattle snakes and that warning was enough to keep me from doing it at all. Have you ever encountered snakes in your desert hiking?

  • Excellent video. I liked the hike, as well as your advice and area info. You two seem to be relaxing in front of the camera more, which is nice because you both are just wonderful people!

  • Love the channel, keep up the good work. May I humbly suggest that you take a few more exterior and rolling shots (arriving & leaving camp etc) of the 5th wheel, those of us stuck on the couch would love to see it. Subscribed…

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