The Return of The Phoenix Force (Avengers vs X-Men Vol 1: Hope Summers)

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19 thoughts on “The Return of The Phoenix Force (Avengers vs X-Men Vol 1: Hope Summers)

  • i thought when the x men fought the avengers colusus had juggernaunts powers n went against thing and red hulk and spiderman

  • This was a great story. Had a lot of contemplative elements of what could and should one do with godlike power to do ANYTHING…and when is it too much. Also of course… #cyclopswasright

  • Seriously hating the Avengers right about now. They need to leave all MUTANTS & the X-Men alone. Everyone knows that Scott is a little koo koo for cocopuffs especially after house of M & jeans death. But come on he was doing the right thing. Then to make him a villain & have everyone turn on him…& then kill the professor!!! I haven't seen such contrived story writing since I last saw an episode of Smallville. I do get it that DISNEY aka MARVEL want's everyone to hate the X-Men & only love the Avengers, Fags of the Galaxy, or the Inhuman douche-bags because they own the rights to the movies & merchandising.

  • I think it's interesting that in the latest Thor issues that the Phoenix force has some sort of link to the Shi'ar pantheon. It will be interesting to see if that get followed up on.

  • It was really lucky that after "no more mutants" all of important mutants were still around. It was just all of the thousands of D-List disposal ones that lost their powers. Except, of course for guys like Magneto, who you know weren't going to stay powerless for long. Maybe Wanda's powers were limited by by the cosmic entity of "popularity."

  • I actually really loved this story when I read it and I normally love Robs explanations but he missed such great parts in this explanation, I know there's a lot of story to fit into two videos but he focused on Phoenix force rather than the story, that's my opinion anyway.

  • Awsome story, but the fight happends because Cyclops is a Huge Dick.
    Captain America is 100% did the right things in this story.

  • Most pointless fight ever – Magneto vs Iron man….crush his rich boy ass like a soda can. Think about how terrifying the illustration of that would look

  • Overwhelming fan reaction is cyclops is the good guy. His comics were also out selling avengers and wolverines xmen at the time
    Robb is being snobby fanboy about this

  • Cyclops was right. Avengers were just mad they weren't on top. The xmen improved everyone's lives on the planet. The avengers keep the status quo and protect Manhattan

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