Protesters Clash With Police After Donald Trump Rally In Phoenix | NBC News

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15 thoughts on “Protesters Clash With Police After Donald Trump Rally In Phoenix | NBC News

  • Well that was crap video.. don't attack the police officers or other ppl and no one will spray you.. or stay home or go inside and listen to what trump has to say little babies but I guess that won't go far in your intelligence capacity..

  • These utterly brainwashed people do not even have the intellect to ask the simplest of questions of themselves, like if trump was a nazi, then why are they still free to walk the streets? or who is it that is using violence the Patriots or the paid communist protestors.

  • These organized violent mobs on the left have been attacking people, properties and police on a regular basis. Yet, I kept hearing that Trump and his supporters are violent. Calling the media fake news may be the understatement of the century.

  • This video does not show the entire story. It didn't show the "peaceful" protesters throwing rocks at police, starting fires, blocking streets, etc.

  • Trump won 6 months ago! When is the winning going to start. He has the house and senate get to work and stop golfing and don't waste tax payer money for these. You won we know .now get your act together and stop dividing americans we want to see accomplishments not ideas. How come mexico is not paying for the wall. What about my healthcare….what about the 10 bucks an hour you promised

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