Phoenix Suns 04-11 Run & Gun

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14 thoughts on “Phoenix Suns 04-11 Run & Gun

  • The mistake the Suns made was believing that they had to constantly make changes: lose to the Spurs in 04-05, trade Q for interior defense in Kurt Thomas. Lose in 06-07 due to untimely injuries, fixed games and unfair suspensions, but they feel they needed to do something drastic, which was trading for Shaq.

    The BS that was the 2006-07 WCSF aside, they didn't not win because they didn't play defense or because of their style – they didn't win because they never had the same team from one year to the next. If they kept the 04-05 team in tact (Nash, Johnson, Marion & Stoudemire mainly) for 3-4 years straight, there is no way they would not have won a championship.

  • If the 2015 warriors were playing this suns team, they would have scored like about 180 points on them.

  • Letting Joe Johnson go, Amare injured & Q. Richardson & Marion GO was the biggest mistake ever.  Coach D'Antoni should know when to slow down his offense & coach his team to protect ball when they have the leads. Theres no problem with their offense but a little Defensive instinct is what it takes to win a Championships especially come Playoffs time. You gotta make some necessary adjustments but dont fix if theres nothing broken. Thats their BIGGEST mistake.

  • It was hard for Suns to win because the league and refs call the game way differently in post season…gets crazy physical and refs don't call many fouls.  It's the way the NBA wants the playoffs to be played I guess.  Suns had ALOT of bad luck and injuries to contend with in the playoffs too….

  • You can have great defensive but when the suns just pull the trigger getting up and down the floor it's hard for any team to keep falling back on D to stop them. The suns force you to play quick D and big men can stop a lot of inside shots but it's hard for them to run all the court back and forth. Miss this suns basketball, bad luck has stopped them from getting a ring. Especially against the spurs.

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