Phoenix Police fire tear gas at anti-Trump protesters

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11 thoughts on “Phoenix Police fire tear gas at anti-Trump protesters

  • Who says his approval ratings are falling? Where are these polls taken? We finally have a President with the tenacity to get things done, and the whiners, including the media, continue to attempt to foster hatred toward our President. I list the mainstream media and their cronies among the hate groups in this country.

  • This week, however, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton became one of the nation's most divisive figures, after halting much of Arizona's high-profile effort to identify and deport illegal immigrants.
    She did everything in her power to handcuff all aspects of law-enforcement in there efforts to stop illegal aliens trafficking drugs and trafficking human beings

  • Donald Trump and his supporters are doing just fine. And 24 hours is not a slow response. If you want to jump to conclusions, like the MSM which overwhelms us 24/7 with non-stories and presumptions/assumptions, fine. But don't call yourself a news outlet, call yourself a talk show with an opinion.

    Obstruction is obvious. It is called State Capture. You do not have to be on the ground to see what is going on. Investor Protectionism disguised as globalism/climate change/mass migration is elimination of the middle class and balkanization of the USA.

    I'll unsub from every outlet of this rag, Al Jeezra.

  • Yeah these protesters are quite embarrassing. Instead of spending time with family being happy loving life this is how they wanna be. Maybe it is the end for mankind.

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