Phoenix, AZ Crime Rate Drops After Sanctuary Status Disappears

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6 thoughts on “Phoenix, AZ Crime Rate Drops After Sanctuary Status Disappears

  • and these democratic dickheads wanted arizona to be a sancuary state. give all the wetbacks and lowlives to california and watch them crumble

  • Go figure.Get rid of the ciminals and mysteriously crimes lowers.I love ICE and deportation.Deportation is so Awesome and funny shit.

  • i told Melania her yellow floral was exquisite even matching the colors of lunch settings. very proper

  • that's right…..! Arizona did make haste. I was business traveling between Peach Springs Az an Orange County California in 2009…..and before Jill shooting the Blue taking care of business.

    on concern was jills hit. obum took office and Az targeting illegal immigration…..and obum knew it…and this may be the first fast and furious hit….

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