10 thoughts on “Don Lemon REACTS to Trump’s Phoenix Speech “its EMBARRASSING that this man is our President”

  • Love you Don! Say it like it is! We here in AZ….despite what you see at this rally are proud of John McCain and we have not all fallen for this liars BS

  • You elected a clown…..deal with the fallout from that. Making America great again? Be prepared to stand alone against the world and lose….great empires will fall.

  • it is time for the media to stop reporting news and make some that by shaming trump in to coming on the network and once and for all show trump how dis honest he is to the world

  • The clowns acting foolish behind him make him look even stupider! Lies upon lies! Crazy as a shithouse rat!

  • You embarrass yourself Don Lemon…..You and CNN….con men news…….are on your way out…..keep up your lies….!!

  • The world is coming to a end. If those people's at the convention believe Trump. The US is going down the drain.

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