COG – Arizona Freeway Shootings / Phoenix Sniper PSYOP

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6 thoughts on “COG – Arizona Freeway Shootings / Phoenix Sniper PSYOP

  • the twelve is also 666. (two sixes in twelve) 6×6=36/three sixes.  the 29 is also 666 as 2×9=18 six 3's in 18. always layering their numbers with 666. crazy

  • getting really tired with these "shootings"  it's like the boy who cried wolf. if it ever really happens no one will believe it!

  • Phoenix is only part of Arizona that is supposed to be actively participating in Operation Jade Helm. Think there might be a connection?

  • The shooter is either a bad shot because there has so far been no one hit thankfully or that the shooter is trying to make a statement to encourage more gun control.

  • Do you recall the Columbus 270 loop sniper in 2003 I believe? The guy was supposedly paranoid schiz. I was out there from La to go pick up a truck during this and cnn stopped me as I was coming out of a store or truck stop, I can't recall. They interviewed me and asked me if I was alone, I said yes. They asked me what I would do if I seen a guy pointing a gun at people and shooting, I said, " I am bigger than him I would most likely run him off of the road". lol Needless to say since I didn't show that 4 letter word FEAR, I was never aired. I even called to purchase a copy and they said they didn't have one.    With that said, I'm not sure if that case was real, would you happen to know?  He was tried for 27 yrs on Aug 9th 2005

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